08 Feb

God Himself promised that Israel would always be a nation before Him and that King David's throne would never be in want for a king (queen). These two prerequisites must be present in the world today!

Times B.C.

Ancient Israel (the Northern Kingdom of Israel) went into exile in 724 B.C. at the hands of the Assyrians. Judah soon after was vanquished to Babylon for 70 years (586 B.C.). After that period of captivity, the king of Babylon allowed the Jews to go back to Judah (the Southern part of what was once Israel) to rebuild their temple.

The Assyrian Empire did not last long after the capture of Israel. It is believed that many Israelites escaped their captors by crossing by way of the Caucasian Mountains. Tidbits of historical fact supports this theory. For instance, there is a pass through the mountains known as the Pass of Israel and a mountain called Mount Zion. Also around this same period in history a great influx of migrants passed through Eastern Europe and went as far west as England. It is also quite possible that many Israelites, suspecting the oncoming danger, may have fled by sea to the north or northwest as Israelites were a seafaring people.

All Jews Are Israelites, But Not All Israelites Are Jews

Mistakenly, many people refer to the promises of God made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as applying to the Jews only. Churches and Christianity in general have always referenced Israel as the Jews. Consider: All Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews (all Newfoundlanders are Canadians but not all Canadians are Newfoundlanders). It was all in the plan of God to punish Israel for her disobedience while at the same time giving her rest in her own place for a period of time. This rest could never be accomplished without thoroughly hiding Israel from the view of the world. The Israelites forgot their own identity as they forgot their laws and traditions passed down to them through Scripture. (The Jews were the lawgivers but to Jacob was the birthright).  

The 2000's are beginning to reveal who Jacob (Israel) is as the time of the gentiles is closing. A well-known Jewish/Christian Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said after the 9/11 disaster: "God is removing his wall of protection around America." Satan is exposing Israel in a very provoking way. Consider those who oppose freedom and equality; those who want to demolish our heritage and language; those who want to call evil good and good evil. In short, those oppose God.

The purpose of God in creating a people for His name is to create a people in the world that would be a glory, a name, and a praise for Him. The traits you will find in Israel are of a nation or group of nations that have upheld Biblical principles, sought to promote these principles throughout the world, and put these principles into practice for a witness of His glory. Because of the birthright blessing bestowed on Jacob's son, Joseph, modern day Israel should be prosperous and hold a leadership role in political and economic realms.

Man was never good at recognizing God or God's people. Somehow, it's easy to believe that thousands (maybe millions) of people were Israelites in history books, but it is not possible to have a nation or nations today that may contain great remnants of Israelites. And surely, it is not possible that America and/or Great Britain could have Israeli content. Not only is it possible, but evidence from the Bible and various studies of history supports the idea. Don't expect humankind to search for it or be pleased to find it or even tell it. The problem with man is if he were to find Israel, he would place such high demands on it requiring an impossible moral living standard that no human race could ever attain it.

My intention in writing this FYI is not to present a study about where Israel is today in the world, but only to alert you that Israel does exist physically in the world, especially in the form of nations other than the Israel in the Middle East (which would be more correctly called Judah). Many study-worthy books are available on the subject free of charge online. One which comes to mind is "Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright" by J.H. Allen.

Raymond of Canada