17 Apr

I have wondered out loud many times about how "Japanese" Japan is and how "Chinese" China is! Come to think of it, how "black" Uganda is, how brown Saudi Arabia is, how white New Zealand is! How about how white Siberia is!

The little island province of Newfoundland, just off Canada's extreme east coast, recently released a tourism video which is always professional and enticing in every way, but not everybody was happy with it this year.

"We're concerned because the ads actually perpetuate racism and exclusion, and we want ads that promote the diversity and beauty of its place," Sobia Shaikh, co-chair of the Anti-Racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador, told CBC News on Friday.  

What are poor Newfoundlanders to do? We could ask ourselves what role does multi-culturalism play in a province where 99% of its residents are of white descent. The province's pros and cons are not what you would call enticing to white people, let alone other ethnics and races that seem to always come from warmer climates and more populated areas. (21 Pros and Cons of Living in Newfoundland and Labrador (thenextfind.com) )

Siberia seems to have a similar problem although more severe than Newfoundland.

I don't recall in our history or the Canadian constitution of 1867 and 1982, or our Judeo/Christian roots, were we ever commissioned to bring in foreigners and strangers to diversify our population and strengthen us and, as Prime Minister Trudeau keeps repeating (and falsely) DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!

Have you ever asked yourself why is it white societies are the only ones who are called upon to diversify? Could it be linked to anti-white racism? Of course! Could it be linked to anti-semitism? Of course! Could it be linked to anti-God? You bet! Our society is going the way of anti-civilization.

Raymond of Canada

"We are blessed to bless"